4 Important Questions to Ask a Loan Officer


When looking for a loan, it is a good idea to find an experienced loan officer with extensive knowledge of loan application. Before choosing to start the long loan application process, be sure to ask all the important questions.

Seek to know about their fees, repayment period allowed and many other questions that will help you identify the right lender to work with. Here are four important you must ask the loan officer.

Which Type of Loan Suits Your Situation

If you are dealing with an experienced lender, Raffles Credit will first ask you questions before briefing you on the various types of loans available and later recommend the best option to you.

The questions they may ask include the probability of you getting a job transfer or how much you make. After the questioning, the loan officer should recommend the best option.

This is where you ask about the pros and cons of every loan mentioned to you.

For instance, you can learn that interest rate does not change in a fixed-rate mortgage and are constant throughout unlike the adjustable mortgage rate that changes with market demand.

How Much Is Required As Down Payment

When it comes to the down payment, there are various options, but the common one is twenty per cent. Although it applies in most cases, sometimes if a client is more qualified, he or she can get as low as three per cent down payment.

A low down payment may sound a great deal, but it comes with its disadvantages such as high monthly instalments and high total closing cost. As an aspiring client, ask about the pros and cons of the down payment you are offered and settle for the best option.

What Is the Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Rate

The annual percentage rate is derived through a complicated process, and every broker computes it differently. When lenders are advertising their interest rate, they exclude fees that lender will incur eventually when getting the loan.

It is advisable not to rely only on the interest rates of the lenders. Instead inquire about their annual percentage rates, which include all possible fees then make your decision.

 How Long Will It Take to Get the Loan?

The time it takes to wrap up the loan application and get the money depends on the kind of transaction process offered by the lender and your circumstance. To avoid delays, ensure you present the correct paperwork and answer questions correctly.

In addition to that, ensure your loan officer is qualified by asking about their knowledge, charges and timeline they work with. Anyone looking forward or in the process of getting a good lender should ask the loan officers the above questions. This will help them settle for the best lender.


4 Flower Shops in Tiong Bahru for the Best Valentine’s Gift

Looking for the best flower shops in Tiong Bahru doesn’t have to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. From classic blooms to bespoke bouquets, check out these four stores to buy the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Wonderland Botanicals

Wonderland Botanicals

The Valentine’s Day collection of this shop at Yong Siak Street features flower arrangements based on romantic cities. The bouquets are named after Melbourne, Paris, Santorini, and Tokyo.

The Melbourne bouquet comes with proteas, eucalyptus, cornus berries, and magnolia leaves. The Paris bouquet has three rose varieties, astrantia, scabiosa, and viburnum.

The Tokyo bouquet also has roses with pink cymbidiums, mint fern, and carnations. The Santorini bouquet has Fuchsia bougainvillea, light blue delphiniums, and white hydrangeas. You can visit Wonderland Botanicals until 6 p.m. daily.

One Olive Floral Boutique

One Olive Floral Boutique

If you want customized flower arrangements, visit this shop along Seng Poh Lane. Soft pastels and violets are among the popular blooms.

For bespoke bouquets, the shop offers the Eugenia Bright Bloom Box for $200. It comes in an elegant black box with fresh seasonal flowers. You only need to choose the colors and leave the work to the store.

One Olive Floral Boutique serves customers from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily except Sunday and Monday.
The Floral Atelier

Do you always forget to give a present on Valentine’s Day? You’ll no longer be in trouble if you go to this shop along Alexandra Road.

The “Forget Me Not” service lets you send a bouquet of fresh flowers to someone. You only have to choose five dates in a year and leave the rest to the shop.

The blooms are also held closely together in intricately designed round boxes, which take out the need for vases. You can visit the flower shop at Delta House from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Charlotte Puxley Flowers

This store at Tan Boon Liat Building arranges flowers that resemble the countryside in England. Bouquet prices cost as low as $120. You can choose to pick up a fresh bouquet a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Take note that the store usually sets a limited number of orders for the occasion. Despite the limited number, you can be sure that your bouquet is one of a kind.


Now that you know the best places in Tiong Bahru to buy Valentine’s Day flowers, which one seems the best to you? If you need extra cash to buy a surprise present, it’s best to seek help from a licensed money lender near you.

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Six Places to Go to in Kallang

Home to several historical landmarks, Kallang is a planning area and residential town in the Central Region of Singapore. Experience the development around the Kallang River, which is the longest river in Singapore through the following popular places:

1. Kallang Water Sports Centre

Enjoy the coolness of the Kallang basin by renting a boat or a kayak. You can also try their aquatic programs and water sports for a healthy you. Look out for otters and turtles who might be swimming along when you are out in the Kallang waters.

2. Kallang Riverside Park

Just a 10-minute walk away from the Kallang MRT station, bring along the family and have a picnic in this park. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can try their water sports facilities or cycling tracks. Or, you can just sit, relax, and you might catch the beautiful birds during the migratory season.

3. Sri Manmatha Karuneshvarar Temple

The Sri Manmatha Karuneshvarar is a Hindu temple put up in 1888 as a small shrine to Lord Shiva for protection. Shiva is the presiding deity in Kallang. The temple also houses other gods as well.

4. Kallang Wave Mall

Your day in Singapore wouldn't be complete without visiting a mall and go shopping. Try the Kallang Wave Mall for a one-stop-shop experience where you can shop, play, and dine. You can bring the whole family since there is always something fun to do for everyone in this mall. The mall is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

5. Golden Mile Food Centre

After touring the exciting and historical places around Kallang, you might want to find something to eat. Go to the Golden Mile Food Centre for a variety of stalls offering sumptuous and delicious food to devour. You will find the best eats of various dishes like Chinese, Taiwanese, American, and of course, local Singaporean street food.

6. Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

For a quiet dining experience, try this roast joint where you eat outdoors while enjoying the beauty of the Kallang River. They serve hearty comfort food, making you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. Don't forget to make reservations since the Camp Kilo Charcoal Club is always full of customers.


There are lots of land and water activities you can do in Kallang. One whole day may not even be enough to visit all the historical and exciting places in this Central town of Singapore. 

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Faber Peak is a must-go-to destination in Singapore.

Not only does it boast the country state’s grandeur, but it also gives you a fresh perspective of how a place can be called a “city of the future” without disregarding nature. If you’re in for some ride around Faber Peak, then it’s best you know what to do when you’re in the area.

Here are some of the things every “Faber tourist” should do.

 the cable car.

Ride the cable car.

This is what Faber Peak is most famous for — its cable car. So why not take a ride on it? Board it via the Singapore Cable Car located at Mt. Faber. There are two riding options available. Either you get a one-way ticket or a return trip via Sentosa.

Don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights because it features the latest technology assuring you of its safety. A maximum of eight people can fit inside a cabin. And take note that you’re going to be 120 meters up high in the air.

Take a walk down the Hilltop trails

Take a walk down the Hilltop trails.

Explore the famous Marang Trail that connects Mt. Faber’s base with Faber Point. Bring out your adrenaline as you walk along the Henderson Waves which is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

This also serves as a bridging point from Mt. Faber towards Telok Blangah Hill Park. Also keep an eye out for the legendary Golden Bell Mansion which was owned by the great Tan Tock Seng and served as home to former state leader Sun Yat-Sen back in 1911.

Ring the Bell of Happiness

Ring the Bell of Happiness.

Ring the famous Bell of Happiness found at Faber Peak that dates back to 1909. It was originally taken from the Dar Pomoza, a Polish ship which brought in sailor trainees that are set to join global races during the time.

It was originally meant to serve as a gift and a sign of friendship of Poland to Sentosa. You can also head straight to the Wishing Bells after. It’s got the same concept with love locks where you can buy a wishing bell and attach it permanently to the decorated fences.

Bask in Singapore

Bask in Singapore’s skyline from Mt. Faber Park

Faber Point gives you a panoramic view of Singapore’s Keppel Harbour. You can even see the Riau Islands of Indonesia on a bright and clear day, as well as the southern Malaysian Peninsula.

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The Keong Saik Hotel

With prices ranging from SGD 80 to SGD 100, this hotel is guaranteed not to break your bank. Located close to the hindu temple Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Templ, the hotel is also close to the Chinatown MRT Station which makes it very good if you plan to use the MRT for your travel plans. It is also close to Universal Studios Singapore and Gardens by the Bay, and the.

Modest rooms include a flat-screen TV set, air conditioning, and a small refrigerator, in addition to having equipment for making coffee and tea. The hotel also has free internet access via Wi-Fi. Other facilities consist of free of charge continental breakfast every day. The hotel also features a lobby for people to sit on while waiting.

ST Signature Chinatown

ST Signature Chinatown is located on an active commercial street in Chinatown. This hotel is a contemporary budget-friendly accommodation with a computerized check-in feature. Check-in rates are ranging from just SGD 80 to SGD 100. The hotel is just 1 minute away from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum and is just a 6-minute stroll from the Chinatown MRT Station.

The practical and small rooms (some windowless) comes with an air conditioner, free internet via Wi-Fi, and smart tv sets that come with Netflix. Modern bathrooms are shared between rooms.

Take note that some of the rooms are windowless, so if your room must have a window, be sure to check if there are still rooms available with a window. The hotel provides hot beverages all day, which are free of charge. Other facilities include a public kitchen, living room spots, a patio, and lockers.

Wink Capsule Hostel @ Chinatown

Wink Capsule Hostel @ Chinatown is a 2-star hotel located in 8A Mosque St, Singapore 059488. Prices range from just SGD 60 to SGD 100. Take note that this hotel mostly features sleeping capsules only, which means that you will only get a place for sleeping, and not much for everything else.

The sleeping pods come with free lockers to put your valuables in and features free linens. There are also power outlets available so that you can charge your gadgets for the next day of adventure.

Guests have the ability to control the lightning on their sleeping pods, which guarantee that you will be able to sleep regardless of your light tolerance. Bathrooms are shared between customers.

There are other amenities that are also shared, such as the mini kitchen, dining room, and a terrace with a view of the streets below.

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5 of The Best Restaurants in Novena

When it comes to famous Singapore food enclaves, Novena may not always stand out from the crowd. People underestimate the area, but the place packs several great restaurants and local eateries. Here are five sweet spots in Novena you must not miss!

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

The Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is a well-known coffee shop where workers and students stop by altogether to either enjoy a loving and warm cup of coffee or for a place to study. This shop will melt your heart away with all-day breakfast items and delicious coffee. Other countries inspired the flavors they use. They design most of their nosh, if not all, with the to complement coffee, they freshly brew and roast every day. 

328 Katong Laksa

If you find traveling to Katong is too much of a hassle, then you’ll be relieved to know that another outlet exists only a couple of minutes away from Novena. They serve warm bowls of creamy laksa that are intensely filled with soul-enriching goodness. They will instantly put you in a good mood, especially during cold weather. One sip will immediately put you in a comforting and warm state.

Baan Ying

Baan Ying is among the most recent restaurants to reside at Novena’s Royal Square. They serve up a broad range of Thai delicacies that stem from the parts of Thailand most people underestimate and underrate. While the typical Thai staple, including green curry and tom yum, are available, they still don’t make the menu’s spotlight. The extravagance of their list boasts an extensive array of curries, rice dishes, and salads inspired by Northern Thailand. Most of their dishes fall under 10 Singapore dollars.

Chye Kee Chicken Rice

Prepare to be mesmerized at Chye Kee Goldhill with their Roasted Chicken Rice. Their display counter boasts several rows of beautifully roasted pork belly, char siew, duck, and chicken. The place is a haven for all meat lovers, where you will most likely see a long leading line outside even before noon. As much as people adore their roasted chicken rice, their rice can sometimes be a tad too dry. Opting for their Dry Macaroni with Roasted Chicken is sometimes a better option.

Da Luca Restaurant

If you’re looking for real-deal Italian food, Da Luca is a famous Italian Restaurant in Novena that never fails to leave an impression on its customers. Luca Pucciani, along with his wife, not only owns the restaurant but is also the chief chef in the kitchen. The Italian restaurant you can find in Goldhill Plaza has several delicious dishes of pasta, stellar antipasti, and hearty mains.

Does the list above make your mouth water? What more once you’ve finally tasted all the heavenly dishes these restaurants have to offer! Even though several places overpower Novena’s food places, that does not diminish its delicious recipes. Start planning your vacation!

With all the cozy restaurants and tourist spots in Novena, it can become challenging to visit every single one you deem interesting, especially if you already have a budget plan for the entire trip. Fortunately, Raffles Credit is always around the corner.

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 Top 5 Eats in Stevens Road, Singapore

Stevens Road, Singapore is located in one of the most expensive districts in Singapore. It’s also known for having one of the most diverse food scenes: almost every restaurant has a particular theme, from pan-Asian fusion to Western dining styles. Here are our top five restaurants to try:

1.   Food Exchange

Food Exchange is a good spot for group meals with your friends and family. The menu differs during breakfast and dinner: for breakfast, you can get a generous Western buffet with bread, pastries and cereals and the occasional international specialties as well. The evening buffet, however, features a gorgeous fusion of Asian, European and Indian cuisine prepared with fresh, regional ingredients, all in an open kitchen for customers to watch. Food Exchange also has an international wine list and a diverse selection of beer and drinks.

2.   Fisk Seafood Bar and Market

This unique take on the new consumer-focused concept provides a quality dining experience with the best seafood you can get in the city. The design of the place itself is heavily inspired by the Norwegian Blue Revolution. The best of Norwegian and coldwater seafood comes from an innovative harvesting system in a single ‘seafarer to chef’ experience. Customers can dine-in and enjoy meals with quality gourmet ingredients and shop for more seafood ingredients, Nordic products, and takeaways afterward as the Market.

3.   In Piazza

Piazza is a casual Italian dining restaurant with a homey atmosphere to match. The Italian menu features classic dishes like the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara and the Bucatini Alla Amatriciana. To give it a more authentic Italian feel, their artisanal pizzas are served directly from an authentic stone oven. The extensive wine menu also boasts of Italian wine sourced from all over Italy.

4.   The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar serves “Wa Ou” beef from the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. This particularly special beef is hailed as the king of Wagyu Beef, with the cow being raised in a special stress-free manner in a natural environment and only fed with a custom-blend variety of vegetables. They also serve another authentic Japanese cuisine like the Roast Beef Don. The restaurant is also furnished with a sake wall, displaying 100 different bowls to drink sake from.

5.   Winestone

This Mediterranean restaurant is also a late-night bar and a wine retail store, with wines that are both affordable and authentic. The signature meals are served on stone boards and the wine service comes with ambassadors who can help you sort through your preferences with their extensive knowledge and experience. Winestone’s overall aesthetic is simple, minimalist and affordable. The wines are pretty affordable: just $10 for a glass and $48 for a bottle.

Did you like this list? Regardless of what you’re craving, there’s a place in Stevens Road that’s got you covered. Share this list with your friends for your next food trip and comment below if you think of other restaurants worth checking out, too!

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5 Ways to Explore Bugis

Bugis is an iconic city with an interesting history: once a pre-WWII hotspot for prostitutes to a gathering area of trans women during the 50s and 80s, it was also immortalized in the 1995 film Bugis Street. Here are five ways to fully immerse yourself in its heritage:

1. Go shopping.

The Bugis Junction is located right in the heart of Bugis and is always buzzing with shoppers. The malls, while filled with cafes and boutiques, are themselves a delight to see, with the clever integration of outdoor and modern-day indoor architecture.

Once you exit Bugis Junction, you can cross the street to get to Bugis Village where you can shop for handicrafts and souvenirs. You can get the cheapest bargains in this street bazaar.

If you see yourself with a more hipster aesthetic, head down to Haji Lane, refurbished especially for the fashion-savvy looking for unique pieces and alternative styles.

2. Explore diversity.

The Arab Street houses the grand Sultan Mosque, a testament to the Arab presence since the early settlement of Singapore. The recent developments in this area have turned it into a night’s owl hangout, filled with cafes, gift shops and even a quaint museum you can visit to see what Singapore was like back in the 60s and 70s.

3. Step back in time.

The Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple is a grand reflection of Singaporean culture, architecture, and history before WWII, as it was one of the buildings to come out unscathed. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Kuan Yin, or the Goddess of Mercy.

Chijmes is a Gothic-style chapel that first started as a convent and girls’ school back in 1852. Today it’s a plaza with several restaurants, bars, and cafes with a beautiful courtyard. The halls can also be rented for social events.

4. Immerse yourself in its history.


The National Museum, built-in 1849, is also Singapore’s oldest museum. It showcases the mainstream of Singapore’s national history to show you the cultural and historical artifacts from the bygone era. The building itself is designed in a Neo-Palladian and Renaissance fashion.

The Malay Heritage Centre serves both as a museum and a cultural center to preserve the heritage of the indigenous Malay population. You can school yourself here about the traditions of the Malay World and the Bugis people by exploring the creative exhibitions on display.

5. Try out the local cuisine.

Exploring around all day can get you pretty tired, which is perfect if you want to challenge your palate and immerse yourself in the flavors of Bugis cuisine. Loof, one of Singapore’s premier rooftop bars with a classical vibe, has a beautiful view of the city skyline. It also has a lot of cocktails prepared with a local twist and a menu full of familiar local cuisine.

The best way to get to know a place is by immersing yourself in the cultural centers and everyday activities of its locals. If you liked this list, share it with your travel buddies and start building your itinerary!

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